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Learn how we can provide additional levels of protection by operationalizing threat intelligence from IBM X-Force Exchange      IBM-security

February 20, 2018 11:00 AM EST

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As the developer of the first threat intelligence gateway platform, Centripetal is dedicated to protecting organizations from advanced threats by operationalizing intelligence-driven security. Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET cyber service uses applied threat intelligence, rapid correlation and automated enforcement of millions of IOC policies, along with live analyst support to prevent over 90% of known threats and allow organizations to focus critical resources on the 10% of threats that are unknown.


cleaninternet for enterprise

Prevent known threats using any intelligence feed.

Gain real-time visibility into threats blocked.

Scale your defenses with network speed.

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a Threat intelligence gateway:

An Adaptable Layer that Protects the Bottom Line and Supports Analysts


CleanInternet in the SOC

Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET solution empowers SOC analysts to take an intelligence-led approach to threat prevention across the intelligence lifecycle.

Prevent threats based on Intelligence Provider

Block and shield the network from specific threats.

Optimize other SOC tools

CleanINTERNET integrates with over 70 intelligence partners making it the only true Threat Intelligence Gateway solution to effectively scale intelligence-led security.

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Meet Compliance and Regulatory Requirements for Network Security





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CleanINTERNET: A Security Service Engagement That Delivers Rapid Time-to-Value

CleanINTERNET: A Security Service Engagement That Delivers Rapid Time-to-Value

We all want CleanINTERNET. A connection to and from the outside world that is free of all known viruses, phishing schemes, malicious attacks, cyber exploits and the like. A clean connection that keeps the bad actors away from our sensitive data and important applications, so that an organization can feel safe in using the business resources they need to be productive. Unfortunately, we live in a world today where continuous cyber threats are plentiful and all too common. 

blackhat USA - 2018

blackhat USA - 2018

Mandalay Bay
August 4-9, 2018 | Las Vegas, NV

Centripetal Networks Named SINET 16 Innovator for 2017

Centripetal Networks Named SINET 16 Innovator for 2017


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