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"Through 2020, 99% of vulnerabilities exploited will continue to be ones known by security and IT professionals for at least one year."
- State of the Threat Environment 2016, Greg Young


Let Us Block the Known Threats


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Threat Intelligence Solution works?





Threat Intelligence Gateway

Advanced Cyber Threat (ACT)®
RuleGate Filter®
QuickTHREAT Analytics Manager®


The most advanced platform for shielding your network from known threats.



The Intelligence Cycle in Operations




Determine relevant and useful intelligence sources internally and externally to address your security concerns



Manage the full spectrum of sources: commercial, industry, open source, and internal security tools



Apply threat intelligence to your security environment for all phases of the security lifecycle


Business Benefits


Automate Intelligence

Even in the most advanced organizations, it can take an average of 45 minutes to implement a security policy change based on alerts of malicious activity. QuickThreat handles it in seconds.
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Reduce Threat Surface

Large organizations can experience more than 50,000,000 security events in a week. Let us show you how they can be managed in minutes.
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Leverage the Community

Threat intelligence is produced from thousands of cybersecurity analysts around the globe. Learn how organizations are leveraging intelligence to extend their security team.
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Block Known Bad

Keeping bad IP addresses, URLs, countries, URIs, out of your networks at scale will greatly enhance your security, decrease your analyst workload and reduce your alert volume. QuickThreat will also save your team time and money.


Identify Compromised Hosts

Pinpointing compromised hosts in networks of all sizes is a tremendous challenge. QuickThreat's correlation feature identifies compromised hosts instantly.


Reduce Security Costs

Current security tools require massively complicated deployments and large investments in technology. QuickThreat Filter simplifies and reduces cost.



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