Centripetal Networks


To protect networks from advanced threats by simplifying intelligence-driven security.


Centripetal Networks was founded with a strong focus on innovatation and technology leadership that aligns to our core mission and purpose. Centripetal has invented core-networking technologies that meets the scale of the cyber threat intelligence challenge. Centripetal maintains the largest threat intelligence partner ecosystem, providing community based solutions to defeat sophisticated cyber attacks.

RuleGATE, Centripetal’s Threat Intelligence Gateway, simplifies cyber intelligence collection, management, and action and makes it easy to identify and stop unwanted network traffic. Centripetal’s customers leveraging the QuickThreat platform, both large and small, are among financial services, retail, healthcare, technology, and internet service providers.


Centripetal Teams


  • Hardware Engineering

    Product Development

    Our Hardware Engineering team is responsible for developing the entire hardware Threat Intelligence Gateway platform, the RuleGATE, which is completely designed and manufactured in the United States. With backgrounds in the defense and communications industries, our hardware engineering team ensure our products are built to the highest standards for reliability and performance, all while maintaining efficient power consumption.


  • Advanced Packet Filter

    Embedded Algorithms

    Our embedded Advanced Packet Filter (APF) team designs the latest alorithms to identify malicious threats. APF team's patented algorithms deliver performance consistently thousands of times faster than Next-Gen Firewalls. When developing the latest technologies, we test for full line rate of traffic, expecting no loss in performance at aggregate throughput of 20Gb/s. APF has developed unrivaled speed and scale in network security.


  • Network Protection System

    Software Engineering

    Our applications software Network Protection System (NPS) team builds the Threat Intelligence Gateway platform, including QuickThreat Manager and Advanced Cyber Threat (ACT) Intelligence Service using the latest software technologies. The NPS team continues to develop the latest capabilies and advanced tools delivering our customers with a focused platform for visualizing advanced threats in real-time.



  • Centripetal Force

    Security Services

    Centripetal provides organizations with professional services for advanced threat defense through the Centripetal Force Team. We leverage experience, certications, and threat intelligence during client Network Threat Assessment engagements. Ww ensure that the Threat Intelligence Gateways are running the proper policies and visibility, deliver actionable reports that are focused and relevant, and connecting the adversary to the response.



Designed and Manufactured in the USA


RuleGATE is a U.S. designed and manufactured purpose built hardware platform with industry leading proprietary algorithms enabling targeted detection and enforcement of network traffic. This combination of proprietary software and hardware enables detection and enforcement of 5 million threat indicators with latency of less than 10 μs at 20Gb/s aggregate throughput.


Centripetal Networks has been awarded over 20 patents enabling unique technological advantages for our customers cyber security defenses.