A Technology Driven Company

Our team is driven by success and achievement and we enjoy working in a dynamic and challenging environment.


Our team has developed some of the most advanced products in our field. We have pushed the edge of various disciplines; computer science, hardware design, processing power and density, dense multi-core processors and truly advanced algorithms. If you are interested in pursuing the edge of technology, then Centripetal is the place for you.


Creative Influence


To keep up with the vast amount of cyber crime worldwide, a truly effective and creative cyber security defense system is needed. It is through the addition of the top creative minds that allows Centripetal to remain on the cutting edge of cyber defense and drive innovation forward.


Individual Contributions


Whether you're solving problems on-site with customers, or designing a next generation filter algorithm, the opportunity for an individual to contribute is immense. Our engineers and analysts are self-starters who thrive in an environment where an individual is given the flexibility to implement new ideas.


Make a Positive Impact


Centripetal's mission is to protect intellectual property, sensitive personal data and critical financial data from cyber criminals. Our technology has been used to stop data exfiltration attempts to known cyber threat actors and campaigns. Our manufacturing team has taken the extra steps necessary to fully design and manufacture our systems in the United States.


We are seeking people with expertise in:

  • Full-stack software development
  • High-speed hardware design
  • Network engineering for reliability and security
  • Dense-multicore processing
  • Advanced algorithms
  • IP protocol development
  • Packet processing
  • Cybersecurity analysis
  • Sales and support of technology products
  • Marketing


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Centripetal Networks is an equal-opportunity employer.