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Let us help you significantly enhance your security posture. The CleanINTERNET® Intelligence-led Cyber Service provides an important layer of security and value by operationalizing threat intelligence at the edge of your corporate network. The result is a massive reduction in event volume in the enterprise, which allows us to hunt for future advanced threats that might be targeting your environment.

We provide the industry’s best threat intelligence protection as a cost effective outsourced managed service. Our experienced team of security experts will do all the heavy lifting to get you up and running fast, including implementation, configuration, management, and comprehensive ongoing threat analysis.

  • Block and stop suspicious or malicious activity that you don’t want or need
  • Important cyber risks are automatically mitigated before they ever reach your network
  • Add a critical layer of ‘must-have’ protection at the edge of your enterprise network
  • Always-on, curated, and aggregated advanced cyber threat intelligence feed
  • Access to an experienced and talented team of security professionals

CleanINTERNET gives you a high-performance Internet experience, with most all known malicious cyber sources, web pages, malvertizing, and attackers removed. Key cyber risk areas are automatically mitigated before they ever reach your network. This is both a cost-efficient and extremely effective solution to protect your network.

A Few Reasons To Outsource


Extensive Layer of Security

Our intelligent threat feed consists of over 5 million Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), which is dynamically updated to deliver maximum continuous protection.

Lack of Skills or Expertise

Our staff does all the operational and analytical heavy lifting. If your staff is spread too thin, leverage our expertise to help protect your network.

Financial Cost Effectiveness

This solution allows you to avoid high-cost capital expenditures. We absorb the upfront cost burden, lowering your company’s total cost of ownership.

Turnkey Deployment

We do it all - No equipment to purchase or manage, no lengthy setup or staging, and no special training required. Simply have us come in and turn it on!


Keeping Up With Demand

As is often the case, security resources are stretched too thin and the workload overwhelming. Our staff and solution can effectively augment your existing team and remove risks.

Leverage Vendor Experience

Tap into our best practices and experience in blocking cyber threats. Our deep knowledge and successful deployment history in critical networks can be applied to help enhance your security posture.

Reduce Business Risks

Simply put – our solution will protect your environment from known and emerging vulnerabilities and security risks. Let us help you add an invaluable layer of protection.

Rapid Time-to-Value (TTV)

This is where we absolutely shine – we have a proven implementation strategy, best-of-breed technology, and the confidence to guarantee you will achieve immediate value.

Our customers realize significant benefits immediately upon deployment. The comprehensive set of security rules and policies that are built into CleanINTERNET will begin scrubbing your incoming stream of traffic against over 5 million Indicators of Compromise (IOC).

By continuously updating and curating the intelligence feed to include the latest sources of malware and cyber-attacks, we can remove the "all-risk non-business" traffic that could account for over 60% of traffic that arrives at your door. The upstream removal of threats and noise makes a tangible difference.

Continuous Protection Against

  • Hacktivists
  • Cyber Crime
  • Cyber Espionage
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Hostile Nations
  • Malware / Malvertising
  • Spam
  • Spear Phishing
  • Scanning
  • Exploits
  • Zero Day Threats & Attacks
  • DDoS Protection
  • Ransomware
  • Command and Control Connects
  • Exfiltration attempts

This unwanted traffic represents real risk and zero benefit to your business – let CleanINTERNET help make sure it is blocked.


Be up and running in 1 day! Our streamlined implementation process allows the CleanINTERNET solution to be activated quickly and easily in even the most complex enterprise environments.

1. Network Survey: Service Planning
We will work together with your team to determine the best deployment option. Our unique service can be deployed with physical on premise gateways where extreme high performance is required or via our cloud hosted services where flexibility is paramount. We will work with you to determine the location for any physical gateway devices, including space requirements, tap port access, etc. We will also meet with your security team to discuss your company’s particular cyber posture and specific requirements to ensure proper configuration and outcomes.

2. Installation: Cloud Provisioned & On-Premise Filters
We are uniquely able to offer on premise mitigation services where our extreme performance is needed. Where flexibility is paramount for satellite offices we provide a high-performance cloud solution. In each case, we will deploy or provision our ultra-high performance threat intelligence gateway(s) to remove the "all risk and non-business" traffic. We will handle all gateway connection, configuration, and setup. We will work with your team to establish connections to any existing threat intelligence sources you may have and connect to your existing SIEM if desired.

3. Activation: Real-Time Intelligence Threat Feed
Intelligence must operate at machine speed. We will activate our ACT intelligence service, which is a massive collection of critically valuable threat intelligence data from a host of industry sources, collectively representing over 5 million indicators of compromise (IOCs), that is carefully curated, aggregated, and used to eliminate the “all risk non-business” traffic. With this massive reduction in event volume we will then hone in on the advanced threats.

4. Configuration: Setup the Policies
We will establish and configure all required threat feed subscription parameters, critical blocking rules, and cyber enforcement policies within the gateway to meet your security requirements. Initial configuration immediately yields significant results to improve your threat posture, but as important will be the work our team does in continually fine tuning the intelligence and investigations for advanced threats. We implement broad detection policies with full PCAP forensics for advanced threat detection.

5. Reporting: Visibility Dashboard
You need a real-time view of your network risk. QuickTHREAT Analytics is a cloud-based security dashboard that provides important visibility. We can access all event data in real time to effectively monitor your security posture and vulnerabilities. This tool helps our security experts understand the threat landscape, including specific attack history, policies, rules, traffic patterns, transaction PCAP and other significant security related metrics. You will be given access and can even observe which attackers, from which locations, are attempting to connect to which of your workstations, servers and devices.

6. Ongoing Security Analyst Support
As part of the service engagement, you will be provided dedicated network engineering and security analyst support. Our team will be available to assist in incident review, adapting policies, and creating risk models tailored to your enterprise. We will work closely with your security team to understand current threat mitigation workflow and identify opportunities for increased impact and efficiency using our powerful technology. We will be responsible for producing daily, weekly, and executive summary reports of all security work. We operate at your direction and analyze all relevant threat results.

What Makes This Service So Compelling?


  • Threat Filtering and Blocking - threats that are already known are automatically removed. This relieves your staff of the enormous burden of detecting, analyzing and remediating penetrations or breaches in your network.

  • Breadth of Threat Intelligence Feeds – we curate and provide the largest and most comprehensive protection feed in the cyber industry.

  • Performance – the most powerful threat intelligence gateway in the world. Our device operates at full line speed and provides true real-time threat mitigation, even under the heaviest of traffic loads. The gateway can process far more threat intelligence than any other device available.

  • Technology – our Research and Development teams have developed advanced patented technologies to bring this powerful solution to market, which includes unique data processing methods, special algorithms and a tightly integrated software/hardware solution second to none.

  • Professional Support - Our analyst team has run security operations for some of the largest and most critical networks in the world. We continuously review intelligence to address threats before they ever reach you.

  • Threat Analysis - addressing known threats automatically allows us to conduct advanced investigations into unknown threats. Our team can collect full forensics for any monitored transaction of interest and help you to make risk based protection decisions.

  • Always-On - the protection is 24/7 and the threat intelligence is automatically updated so you don't have to. As new threat indicators are made available, policies are updated in seconds with no network downtime or data loss.

  • Attractive Cost Model - we save you money. For less than the cost of a single cyber analyst, you can have the benefit of 1,000s of analysts.

As we gain a deeper understanding of your environment, security posture and ongoing requirements through our CleanINTERNET service relationship, we will be able to implement additional broad detection policies and craft enterprise specific risk models.

The goal is to continually make your environment more secure and develop risk models to flush out new threats and find difficult anomalies. Our up-to-date threat intelligence data feed, along with the analysis of captured threat packet data matched to internal host correlation, will provide an invaluable level of proactive protection and actionable knowledge.

We are also able to leverage our advanced high-performance threat gateway to monitor bi-directional traffic for advanced threat and vulnerability issues that may come from WITHIN your network.


Thousands of Analysts
in Your Defense

For maximum protection and value, the gateways are deployed inline (on premise or virtual cloud), which allows us to proactively remove the all-risk, no business threats. The service will require deploying one or more ultra-high performance threat intelligence gateways in your network.


On-Premise Configuration Example:


Virtual Cloud Configuration Example:

The CleanINTERNET service will automatically remove and isolate KNOWN threats from your network. By deploying our ultra-high performance gateway inline at the entry point of your network, allows the solution to proactively remove the ‘all-risk and non-business’ traffic. Every enterprise has a different and unique risk profile, but the one thing in common is that every enterprise will benefit from the CleanINTERNET service by being able to automatically identify and remove the all-risk transactions. Other important outcomes include:

  • Proactively shield your environment from the easy ‘all risk non-business’ traffic
  • Massively reduce noise and event volume at the enterprise
  • Begin monitoring for advanced threats with high fidelity intelligence
  • Shorten threat mitigation time for advanced threats
  • Produce high-fidelity alerts using enterprise tailored risk models
  • Immediate identification of compromised internal hosts
  • Real-time visualization of inbound and outbound high confidence threats
  • Daily, weekly, and executive summary reports of threat intelligence application results
  • Integrated full packet capture capability


Automatically apply Machine Readable Threat Intelligence (MRTI) in your network

Why can’t my firewall do this?


There are many reasons: Scale, Speed, Design, Intelligence Complexity, and Intelligence Dynamics, just to name a few.

A modern firewall was designed with static corporate policy in mind. This is still a valid use, but it doesn’t fit the intelligence process. Intelligence is highly scaled and highly dynamic. Millions of risk-based reputation indicators are changing all the time. Firewalls can’t filter, update intelligence, or collect forensics fast enough.

Firewalls can apply rules to prevent a threat. However, the number of known threats in intelligence feeds today are far too many for a firewall to employ and they change on minute intervals. An effective feed is often 100s of times larger than what the largest firewalls can accommodate. In addition, the number of these threats is growing rapidly. The problem is that firewalls are not designed to be effective at the scale and dynamics of the intelligence process.

Another serious problem is latency. A traditional linear filter like a firewall will slow down network traffic as it scales. The larger and more complex the policy, the slower things get. This slowdown can easily bring the largest firewalls to a standstill.

Firewalls are also unable to correlate traffic as it traverses the security stack to make true risk-based decisions or to collect needed forensics. Intelligence is not a black and white process that fits in a binary framework.

Our threat intelligence solution is designed from the ground up to operate on many millions of threats, at full-line rate. It collects needed forensics and provides a spectrum of risk based handling actions. Our solution represents a breakthrough in performance that is unmatched.

Here is an example of performance - a complex multi-million rule threat intelligence policy can be applied so fast, that every packet is inspected within a few micro-seconds before the next packet even arrives!


Contact us at sales@centripetalnetworks.com or fill out the form below to get started.

We are certain that CleanINTERNET Managed Security Service will immediately deliver value. We typically cut total event volume by as much as 90% starting on day one. We've created a no-risk program to prove this out. Sign up for our standard annual service engagement and at the end of 30-days, if you are not completely satisfied with the value and results, then we will end the service at no cost or obligation to you.

We are very confident that we will exceed your expectations, add immediate value, and protect your network from known threats.


A Few Benefits:

  •   Immediate reduction of up to 90% of event volume plaguing the enterprise
  •   Expertly managed full service capability
  •   We specialize in threat intelligence defense so you don't have to
  •   Extreme network performance for the most demanding e-commerce networks
  •   Real-time visibility & reporting for clear business insight