cleaninternet for smb's

Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET® intelligence-led cyber service for SMBs provides enterprise-class Internet protection at an extremely low cost and with no hassle!

With less than half of small to mid-sized businesses not viewing cybersecurity as a risk to their business, its often difficult to defend against targeted attacks.

Centripetal understands the SMB dilemma of resource constraints in budget and staff. We can protect your network today with CleanINTERNET.

Centripetal Dashboard

filters malicious web traffic

Filters Malicious Web Traffic

Filters malicious web traffic based on known threat intelligence and protects your network on a continuous basis

removes the need for on-site cybersecurity

Removes need for on-site cybersecurity

Removes the need for on-site cybersecurity expertise so you are protected without having to worry or manage complex technology

rapid deployment

Rapid Deployment

Cost-effective solution for SMB budgets and rapid deployment so SMB teams can be up and running quickly


"Threat intelligence gateways (i.e. Centripetal Networks) have the potential to transform this labor-intensive practice by scoring threats and then blocking volumes of them at the network perimeter. Why not do this with tried-and-true network firewalls? Because they are incapable of tracking/blocking the volumes of threats that purpose-built threat intelligence gateways can."

Jon Oltsik, ESG Global in CSO, November 30, 2017



Small to mid-sized businesses (SMB's) are targeted much differently than most enterprise organizations. The enterprise typically has more staff and more security technology deployed, so they have an advantage over small companies. 

SMB's can rely on Centripetal as their single biggest investment to protect their business from cyberthreats they cannot defend against with other legacy technology. The difference is, SMB organizations will spend less with Centripetal and receive much more value in return than outsourced firewall-as-a-service offerings from ISP's and MSSP's. 

Antivirus software and firewalls are not clearly not enough to defend against targeted threats. With CleainINTERNET, Centripetal analysts are monitoring your environment so you don’t have to. It’s the smart way to prevent threats from impacting your small business!


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CleanINTERNET can be deployed across the largest data centers, branch offices and mid-sized organizations for comprehensive protection.

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