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Event & Incident Management

QuickThreat® identifies and displays the matching threat intelligence events that are happening on your networks in real-time. QuickThreat® filters all of the network traffic traversing your network, checking against millions of Indicators. As each actual attack is detected and blocked, QuickThreat produces a real-time information feed of the attack attempts. Attack data is presented in multiple forms and visualizations, such as a display of the geographic location of the cybercriminals that are targeting your network. Additionally, all of the data can be sent to centralized log analysis tools.


Threat Intelligence & Policy Management

QuickThreat® Manager provides cyber analysts with a central location to manage threat intelligence indicator sets, and system administrators full management of the running policies. Organizations are able to build, maintain, and enforce cyber-security policies specifically tailored to meet the needs of that individual organization. By integrating threat intelligence from Centripetal's industry leading threat intelligence partners, customer specific intelligence sources, and open source threat intelligence feeds, organizations can design policies leveraging dynamic threat intelligence.


QuickThreat® Gateway


Threat Intelligence Gateway

QuickThreat® Gateway is a Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) with real-time attack visualization and analytics. TIGs protect networks from a variety of cyber threats including hacktivists, cyber criminals and hostile nations, as well as campaigns involving malware, spam, phishing, and scanning. QuickThreat intelligence policies are fully automated with Centripetal’s threat intelligence subscription service.


Requirements of a Threat Intelligence Gateway:

  • Consume Threat Intelligence Directly
  • Provide Options for Policy Management
  • Operationalize Threat Intelligence


System Management

QuickThreat® Manager enables system administrators full visibility into the status and health of their QuickThreat® Gateways deployed in enterprise environments. Security audit logs maintain accountability and ensure all transactions, including policy changes, are tracked and available for review. High availability monitoring can track the status of active ports and other high availability peers. Hardware system status, including CPU load, memory usage, power supply status, and critical system temperatures can all be monitored to maintain QuickThreat Gateways with the highest levels of service.



  • Pivot to Source; connect to the original, most up-to-date intelligence context available
  • Targeted Packet Capture; PCAP data focused on the threat made immediately available to the user
  • Instant Data Correlation; fully identify network traffic inside and outside of the network
  • Organization Specific Threat Profiles; prioritize events based on enterprise security policies
  • Geographic Visualizations; identify hosts by geography, with live views of the attack surface
  • Threat Intelligence Subscription management
  • User Management
  • Security Audits
  • Fully Browser Based, compatible with all modern web browsers















"We can't afford any slow downs on the network. QuickThreat® is eliminating known threats on our network without slowing down and without disruption."

Online Retailer

"The automation alone is providing us with up-to-date security without having to add members to the team."

Internet Service Provider

"QuickThreat® makes us smarter about our network."

Financial Services Exchange


Tech Specs


Network Filter Performance

  • 5 Million Network Indicators
  • Multiple Indicator Types (IP - CIDR - 5-Tuple - FQDN - URL/URL)
  • 8x 1G SFP or 10G SFP+ Ports
  • Fail Open Option
  • Full-Line Rate Throughput @ 10 Gbps
  • Network Latency less than 10 μs


System Management

  • 2x 10/100/1000 Ethernet (out of band)
  • RJ-45 Serial Console
  • Remote Software Upgrades
  • On-Premise Multi-Device Management


Electrical & Mechanical

  • How-Swap Redundant Power Supplies
  • 100-240V AC 50-60Hz
  • 200W Power Consumption
  • 2U Rackmount (2 and 4 Post Rails included)
  • Dimensions: 17"w x 20"d x 3.5"h, 29lbs




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