RuleGATE Filter - A Threat Intelligence Gateway

The RuleGATE Gateway is a threat intelligence filter with real-time attack visualization and analytics. RuleGATE Gateways protect networks from a variety of cyber threats including hacktivists, cyber criminals and hostile nations, as well as campaigns involving malware, spam, phishing, and scanning. Cyber Analysts visualize break-in and data theft attempts on their networks using QuickTHREAT Analytics Manager, and adapt their protections to respond in real-time. The RuleGATE-enforced cyber defenses are fully automated by subscribing to Advanced Cyber Threat (ACT) services, Centripetals’ extensive and dynamic Threat Intelligence Partner program. This service includes more than 40 partners with over 3,000 data feeds; the RuleGATE Gateway supports this entire data set.



Core Technologies

RuleGATE is a U.S. designed and manufactured dense multi-core platform with industry leading proprietary algorithms to enable selective enforcement of network traffic on a per packet basis. This combination of proprietary software and hardware enables detection and enforcement of every packet utilizing up to 5 million threat indicators with latency of less than 10 μs, at 10Gb/s bi-directional throughput.



CleanINTERNET Service

The CleanINTERNET Service provides additive security value by operationalizing threat intelligence on the clients’ corporate network. A RuleGATE is deployed using large dynamic sets of threat intelligence-derived indicators in real-time. Threat intelligence includes third-party intelligence sources, threat indicators generated from next-generation security products and client internally developed threat intelligence, if desired. CleanINTERNET delivers real-time threat awareness, dynamic response, and the indentification of previously undetected inbound and outbound threats.



Partner Integration: RuleGATE & ThreatConnect

Central Network + Threat Connect


ThreatConnect®, the most comprehensive threat intelligence platform integrates into Centripetal Networks’ high-performance RuleGate® appliance allowing organizations to leverage threat intelligence for real-time network protection. The integration offers analysts full visibility into network threats, to quickly act on threat data found within ThreatConnect.



Advanced Cyber Threat (ACT) Intelligence Partners

Centripetal’s RuleGATE operationalizes enterprise threat intelligence, to enable organizations to block, alert, or allow cyber threats in real-time at scale without network disruption. Centripetal partners with industry leading threat intelligence providers to apply million-scale unique indicators to every packet entering and leaving the network. This results in total enhanced cyber awareness.



Threat Intelligence Partner: Emerging Threats

Central Network + Emerging Threat


Emerging Threats, a world-leading provider of commercial and open source threat intelligence, integrates their comprehensive IQRisk® Rep List into Centripetal Networks’ high-performance RuleGate® appliance. Centripetal leverages IQRisk Rep List to dynamically block malicious IP addresses and threat indicators using the RuleGate, allowing for real-time network protection without any degradation in performance.



Threat Intelligence Partner: iSIGHT Partners

Central Network + Isight Partner


iSIGHT Partners is the leading global provider of cyber threat intelligence. With 300 experts in 16 countries and expertise in 24 languages, only iSIGHT can deliver the full context and intent of the most damaging threats, allowing security organizations to respond faster, defend proactively, and invest smarter.



Threat Intelligence Partner: The Media Trust

Central Network + The Media Trust


The Media Trust is the client-side malware scanner for the world’s most heavily-trafficked websites, functioning as the SOC for their public-facing web and mobile properties. Using a variety of device, OS, browser, geographic, and user-behavior combinations, our proprietary technology continuously scans millions of websites and advertising tags to detect anomalous activity before it becomes overt. This extensive monitoring yields original source, real-time malware data that helps enterprises block malicious activity.



SC Magazine Feb 2015 - Emerging Products

Our bottom line here is this is a notable tool and certainly one of the best integrations of intelligence and security stack management we’ve seen. However, it is not for the faint-hearted. But then, playing in today’s threatscape isn’t either.



Success Stories


Fortune 100 Financial Services Company Gains Real-Time Identification of Cyber Threats and Network Enforcement from Centripetal Networks’ RuleGATE

This financial services firm is always implementing the best solutions so they can protect their customer’s data and network assets to the best of their ability. A security audit determined that the previously deployed technologies were still allowing threats into their network and they realized that they needed a more complete cyber defense solution to augment their security stack. This organization relied on a Next Generation firewall solution before choosing to deploy Centripetal’s RuleGATE appliance.



Fortune 50 Financial Services Organization Sees Success with Smarter Threat Intelligence

The threat landscape is forever expanding and adapting. Cyber threats have grown at an average rate of 66% annually since 2009. In 2014, however, the number of detected security incidents soared to 43 million, a 48% jump from 2013. With millions of malicious users hiding amongst billions of legitimate users, cyber security systems must be able to meet the breadth of today’s cyber attacks. Without this solution in place, the next breach could be right around the corner.


Case Study

White Papers


Threat Surface Reduction: Preventing Known Cyber Criminals from Attacking Your Network

Networks are under persistent, dynamic attacks from the threat surface: Internet-attached computers operated by cyber criminals who are discovering and exploiting your network’s vulnerabilities. One simple strategy for protecting your network is Threat Surface Reduction (TSR): blocking communications between the threat surface and your network. TSR should be straightforward because hundreds of thousands of these threat surface attack sources are well-known. Conventional cyber defenses, however, do not have the necessary scale, agility and threat-intelligence availability to execute effective TSR.
Centripetal Networks’ RuleGATE device and the Advanced Cyber Threat (ACT) intelligence service combine to form a fully automated TSR solution, eliminating more than 90 percent of the persistent attacks on your network.

Using RuleGATE NPS to Accelerate Cyber Defense

Conventional cyber defenses – network firewalls, routers, web proxies, intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and “next-gen” firewalls – are rapidly losing effectiveness as the size, power and dynamics of the cyber threat increase at a prodigious rate. These systems were originally designed for functions other than cyber defense, or were designed to defend against a different cyber threat than today’s threat. The RuleGATE packet filter’s only function is network-level cyber defense which complements, synergizes and subsumes the cyber defense functions of conventional systems.
Combine RuleGATE devices with your existing cyber security infrastructure to drastically accelerate both your cyber defenses and the functional performance your existing cyber infrastructure.

Why Cyber Security Isn’t Working (and What Can Be Done About It)

Despite billions invested in cyber security, the cyber threat is worse than ever. It is also highly asymmetric: a few individuals using cheap, readily available tools can inflict massive cyber damages, without fear of reprisal.
Understand the fundamental flaws in conventional cyber defenses, and what strategies should be pursued to eliminate the flaws and to reverse the asymmetry, giving the overwhelming advantage to cyber defenders.

Intrusion Prevention is the Wrong Strategy for Malware Defense

Malware attacks rival Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks as the #1 cyber threat. Malware penetrates an enterprise network and tricks computers into executing it and causing cyber damage. Preventing malware intrusions via the Internet is the current cyber defense strategy, but it is not working. Trivially simple malware attacks, such as phishing e-mails and trojans, evade the most sophisticated defenses. The observation that cyber damage is not caused by malware intrusion but instead by malware execution suggests a new cyber defense strategy: prevent malware from executing.
This new strategy may be applied to prevent exfiltrations, i.e., stealing sensitive data, intellectual property, login credentials, etc., via the Internet.


Centripetal’s white papers help explain how scaled-enforcement technology can transform your network security and cyber defense. White papers are available upon request. For more information on Centripetal's white papers, please


Central Network

API & ListAgent SDK


Integrate Your Intelligence

Integrate Your Intelligence

The RuleGATE hosts an Application Program Interface (API) that allows for automatic input of threat intelligence from any appropriate source. This allows custom feeds to be automatically loaded for immediate enforcement by one or more RuleGATEs. The ListAgent Software Development Kit (SDK) enables the rapid development of the custom Java plug-ins. Use of the ListAgent SDK ensures that plug-ins are automatically integrated with other system management tools, instantly making use of the full array of system GUIs. Developer APIs are available under signed non-disclosure agreement.


For more information on Centripetal's API, please


Defense Application Platform


Defense Application Platform

Create New Applications

Enterprises often generate their own cyber threat intelligence specific to their network. This intelligence should be used as the basis for new cyber defense applications for protecting networks.


Centripetal Networks RuleGATE scales to the size of the largest threats. The RuleGates scalability allows an enterprise to optimize all of their cyber intelligence to effectively protect their network. The ListAgent Software Development Kit (SDK) further assists a company in protecting their network, by enabling the creation of their own cyber defense applications through seamlessly integrating live intelligence feeds with RuleGATE. The ListAgent Software also enables the closing of the loop, by integrating RuleGATE attack detection output feeds with cyber analysis applications.


For more information on Centripetal’s defense applications platform, please



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