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Customer Challenge


Estimations put the cyber security job market unfilled by 1 Million jobs. Your challenge goes beyond finding and retaining talent, because the talent likely isn't even available.


Organizations face an ever-increasing challenge of finding and retaining security talent to run their security operations. With an estimated 1 Million unfilled security jobs across the industry, how can you maximize the output and efficiency of the personnel that you have? How do you leverage the security community and the latest technologies to keep your team lean and focused?

Additionally, organizations that offer many options for their employees, still find it to be a challenge to bring talent in house. This can be due to geographic locations or even the organization itself. Organizations large and small, private and public sector are all faced with this challenge.

Security Operations Centers currently
have over 1 Million unfilled jobs



End User Concerns


"I can't get anyone to move to our headquarters to join our team."

Regional High-End Retailer

"We bring on great candidates, train them up, and then they get scooped up into the greater NYC security market."

Financial Services Provider

"The most talented security professionals simply want top tier company names on their resumes."

National Brick & Mortar Retailer



Centripetal Use Case


Threat Intelligence providers and information sharing communities extend the reach of today's security program. Threat Intelligence subscriptions have the depth of hundreds, if not thousands of contributors. Leveraging this data is the key to moving forward.


Threat intelligence is currently being produced from the work of thousands of cybersecurity analysts around the globe. From commercially available to open source, the IoCs, i.e., IP addresses, ports/protocol, domain names, URLs to malicious content, are being reported and shared, with context.

Whether your team has a large and talented group of security practitioners, or is struggling with a team of less than five, threat intelligence expands the team's reach. Shifting focus to an intelligence driven process speeds up detections and provides insight and context for solving the problems in a shortened period of time.

Thousands of analysts in your defense


Organizations looking for assistance in establishing and growing an intelligence-driven security product are relying on Centripetal's Services Team for training and outsourced security.


During the assessment the team will be provided dedicated engineering and analytic resources to assist in the configuration, deployment, and analysis of threat intelligence results. The dedicated resources will be available to assist in reviewing findings, adapting policies, creating risk models tailored to the client enterprise, and coordinating with threat intelligence partners.

The engineering and analytic resources will work closely with the security team to understand current threat mitigation workflow and identify opportunities for increased impact and efficiency using Centripetal's technology. The dedicated resources will be directly responsible for producing weekly, and executive summary reports.


Threat Assessment Reports provide
researched, actionable insights


Example of an implementation strategy to train Security Operations teams:




Business Outcomes


Expand Your Team

Leverage threat intelligence dynamically and apply it to your security program. Thousands of analysts researching security events creates the depth your team needs for a successful program.

Train Faster

What might take years to build organically, is accelerated to months. By turning the process on it's head, and running an intelligence-driven program, security teams are improving faster, and exceeding their expectations.

Measurable Success

Having instant access to the outcomes and activities related to threat intelligence provides the tools teams need to measure their success. Internal security teams' efforts are highlighted and subscriptions can be evaluated based on outcomes.